A new Olympic torch and a new Olympic sport
By Anastasia Coulson-Gagnon The organizers of the 2020 summer Olympics, which will be held in Tokyo, have decided on making Japan’s best-loved flower (the Cherry Blossom) the new Olympic torch. The torch will begin its journey across the country with the arrival of Cherry Blossom season in March 2020.... Read more
Bobby Orr turns 71
By Anastasia Coulson-Gagnon Hockey legend Bobby Orr turned 71 Wednesday! The former NHL player, who was born in Parry Sound, Ont., is widely acknowledged as one of the greatest NHL players of all time. Orr played for the Boston Bruins for 10 years before moving to the Chicago Black... Read more
Leafs win 4-2 against Sabres
By Anastasia Coulson-Gagnon The Maple Leafs beat the Buffalo Sabres 4-2 on Thursday. Auston Matthews and John Tavares both delivered in the second period. Mathews tapped in the first goal, and Tavares followed suit after a beautiful shot by William Nylander bounced off the crossbar. Just 22 seconds into... Read more
Brandon Gonez hits Toronto with a dutty newscast
By Anastasia Coulson-Gagnon Tuesday’s winter storm hit hard and was quite nasty, but social media hit back harder, and happier. CP24 news anchor, Brandon Gonez, was reporting live downtown Toronto early Tuesday morning. With the winter storm in full effect, Gonez said this in his cast: “We are experiencing... Read more
Humber students talk Super Bowl LIII
Buzz about BuzzFeed cuts
“Difficult Changes” is the title of the memo BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti sent to staff, confirming that cuts to 15 percent of employees will take place. The memo was sent to staff on Wednesday after rumors of layoffs began circulating the day before. The cuts, which are expected to... Read more
Humber College is about to get WILD
By Anastasia Coulson-Gagnon Returning to school after a month-long break can be difficult for some students. To keep students happy and engaged, Humber College’s Ignite is kicking off this semester with a fun exclusive event.   MTV’S Wild ‘N Out will be at Humber College’s North campus tonight at... Read more
Cuddle the stress away on Animal Day
By Anastasia Coulson-Gagnon Skedline.com The fourth and last Animal Day of 2018, hosted by Humber IGNITE, is set to take place at Humber Lakeshore on Tuesday November 27th. The free activity helps students relieve stress and have a moment to relax with a large variety of animals.   “The... Read more
9 things to know about Mark Grimes
Compiled by Anastasia Coulson-Gagnon Skedline.com Mark Grimes, City Councillor for the new Ward 3, was born in Orillia, Ontario.   Was first elected City Counclilor for Ward 6 in 2003. Before entering politics, Grimes worked at the Toronto Stock Exchange as a trader and market maker at a major... Read more
Legion upset with white poppy campaign
By Anastasia Coulson-Gagnon Skedline.com Many Canadians are familiar with the traditional red poppy worn to mark Remembrance Day but people may not know the meaning of the white poppy that has been around since 1933. Vancouver Peace Poppies has been running annual fall campaigns to distribute white peace poppies across Canada... Read more