The role of Netflix in the Covid-19 age
By Jacob Brooks  Given the difficult times, it is no surprise that the vast amount of people stuck at home have turned to online streaming services to keep their spirits up. Services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu have seen massive upticks in traffic as a result of the quarantine.... Read more
Justin Trudeau talks Covid-19 and Wet’suwet’en protests
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in the GTA this week for a press conference and photo-op.   The Prime Minister made an appearance at a branch of the Boys and Girls Club in Scarborough on Thursday morning, March 5, to answer questions on a number of current issues.   The most... Read more
The Cross Canada Project

The collective voice of Canadian youth: their fears, hopes, and dreams about the upcoming 2019 federal election.

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“We support our people, we want the war to end peacefully, that’s all,”Canadian Jewish News journalist says
Ellin Bessner, host of The Canadian Jewish News podcast CJN Daily, says the surprise attack Hamas launched on Israel on Oct.7 has led to an increase in hate crimes that Canadian Jews haven’t experienced since the Second World War. “It’s physically and mentally exhausting as a Jewish journalist to... Read more
Podcast: “Phenomenon” Taylor Swift makes waves in academia
Whether you are a dedicated Swiftie or simply curious about the phenomenon that is Taylor Swift, this podcast is your ultimate guide to understanding the woman behind the music. Skedline’s Erik Dimaala looks at Swift’s evolution as an artist and cultural icon — and as an offered academic course... Read more
Rising prices at local thrift stores are shocking customers
Shopping at thrift stores is meant to be an accessible alternative for those who might not be able to afford regular retail prices, but at some big thrift store chains, customers are wondering if maybe they’re no longer getting a bargain. Savers — known in Canada as Value Village... Read more
Voices of solidarity: Haitians in Canada advocate for action during crisis
Skedline’s Dela Dorkenoo speaks to youth organizer Alix Jean of La Maison d’Haiti (The House of Haiti) and founder of Haitians of Toronto Djiny Saint Jean about the crisis in Haiti. Read more
Organization seeks to change the game for women in gaming
Co-founders of Rights to Unmute, Stephanie Evans and Kristin Gillespie, have had enough of the mistreatment of women in the gaming space. They have created their own organization to combat the mistreatment and set a new standard for gaming. Skedline’s Brianna Alexander-Thomas reports. Read more
Canada’s warmest winter ever points to a climate change crisis, expert warns
Canada recorded its warmest winter in 2024. One of the coldest countries in the world saw a lack of snowfall this winter in areas of southern provinces such as Ontario and Quebec. Professor in the Department of Biology at McGill University, Catherine Potvin, says the climate modelling reports that... Read more
Beaches Easter parade celebrates 50 years
Toronto Beaches Lions Club celebrates 50 years of putting on their annual Easter Parade. The parade made its way down Queen Street, beginning at Munro Park and ending on Woodbine Ave., drawing in hundreds of locals along the way. Photo Gallery Read more
Tech layoffs continue to frustrate young Canadians
At the end of 2023, the tech industry saw huge cuts and layoffs causing concern and frustration. The start of 2024 has seen more of the same. On Jan. 25 Microsoft laid off 1,900 employees at Activision Blizzard and Xbox. Tech recruiters say the COVID-19 pandemic and the state... Read more
“There will always be a need for an artist”: Humber artists grapple with an AI future
Following the explosion of interest in ChatGPT, Artificial Intelligence (AI) art generators are now challenging the art world in the same way ChatGPT challenged originality in the writing field. What is an AI art generator? Similar to ChatGPT, you can enter a text prompt into an art generator to... Read more
Federal sports funding favors the most expensive sports
In Canada, the cost of participating in youth sports is on the rise, leaving many parents unable to register their kids, but federal government spending continues to prioritize the most expensive sports, despite lower participation. During a time when Canadians are seeing rising costs from school supplies to groceries,... Read more