Ignite hopes to raise awareness after students express skepticism over new branding
By Devon Imrie & Kabrena Robinson, Skedline.com Following the rebranding of the Humber Students’ Federation to IGNITE in July, many students remain skeptical about the budget and transparency of the change. The previous rebrand info session held by IGNITE on Oct. 5 sparked a lot of anger among students... Read more
Humber students’ chance to Dress for Success
Humber Student Federation’s annual Dress for Success contest is coming to an end next week. Every year, HSF gives students the chance to win $1,000 towards a shopping spree to help them “dress for success.” Students can apply with an essay or a two-minute long video, telling HSF why... Read more
HSF wants to subsidize unpaid internships
The Humber Students’ Federation (HSF) is researching methods to subsidize the unpaid internships for students at Humber College. Aside from unpaid internships being an ongoing discussion in the media, students and industry professionals are putting the heat on employers and post-secondary schools to get involved. “Students have a hard... Read more
Making friends with furry faces
Humber Student Federation welcomed new and returning students with animals most of them hadn’t seen. Students stood in line to have a lemur, who goes by the name King Julien, sit on their shoulder as a kangaroo hopped around freely. Tropical birds perched on fingers and a slow moving... Read more
HSF announces by-election for presidential position

Humber students will have to go to the polls once again to cast their vote for HSF president of the 2014-15 academic year.

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Disqualified HSF VP candidate speaks out
Tim Brilhante isn’t the only candidate who was disqualified from last week’s Humber Students Federation elections. We spoke to Karnesh Babaria, who ran for Vice President of Student Life, about how he was disqualified as well as his reactions to Brilhante’s efforts to appeal his disqualifications. Read more
The Humber Students’ Federation begins elections today. Over 24 candidates are vying for various HSF positions including President, Vice President of Student Affairs, and Vice President of Student Life. Skedline reporter Kezia Hinds caught up with voters and HSF representatives. Read more
Humber Students’ HSF awareness
The Humber Students’ Federation (HSF) holds its annual elections in less than a month. Skedline reporter Ore Akinkugne asks  Lakeshore Campus students about their knowledge of the student government.  Camera work by Skedline reporter Kezia Hinds.   Read more
Meet the man who reformed the structure of a student union: a conversation with Thomas Hanna

This week at Skedline, we’ve been talking extensively about the leadership, finances, and activities of the Humber Students’ Federation.

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Q & A with HSF

HSF is Humber College’s Student Federation. Tim Brilhante is President of HSF is a graduate of the business administration program at Humber and is now studying marketing. Candace Pellew is a graphic design student and is Vice President of student affairs. HSF represents over 27000 full-time students as its’ official governing body.

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