Humber fashion experts size up SAG fashions
By: Katia Sist There were many different looks posing on the silver carpet at Screen Actors Guild Awards last night. Although the SAG Awards is not nearly as formal as the Oscars, fashion is a huge part of the celebration. Many outfits had common trends of metallics, polka dots,... Read more – Animal Day brings fuzz and warmth to chilly semester
Across several hours, specialists from Pawsitively Pets gave students some time to de-stress. Away from learning, guests also picked up on new facts with the animals they held. Skedline Reporter Clement Goh speaks, pets and cuddles with the Humber’s latest visitors. Read more
TTC increases fares: Transit riders not happy
By Ryan Hanna, for At a meeting on Thursday, the TTC board voted unanimously to approve a 10-cent fare increase. The price for cash fares will remain the same, but PRESTO fares will rise to $3.10 for adults, with student and senior monthly passes rising by $5.70 and... Read more
Record setting 13th straight for hawks coach Samson Downey
By Alex Figliomeni  Coach Samson Downey is in the record books. The Humber Hawks men’s basketball coach Samson Downey has become the first head coach in program history to win 13 straight to start his career. Hawks beat Fanshawe Falcons 82-70 this past Sunday, they used a 51-point... Read more
Hawks men’s volleyball team soars in standings
By Giovanni Siciliano The Humber Hawks men’s volleyball team has been on an absolute tear this year. The players are using this week to rest, focus and prepare for when they get back in action this weekend. The Hawks are currently tied at the top of the West... Read more
Hawks basketball coach is one win away from record-breaking start
By Alex Figliomeni Men’s basketball head coach Samson Downey is one win away from a record-setting 13-0 start. With a win this Sunday, coach Downey would become the first ever rookie coach to start his career 13-0. They face the Fanshawe Falcons Jan. 20th; tip-off is at 3... Read more
Skedline News – Nov. 20
Skedline Reporter Alex Figliomeni reporting the News for Nov. 20th         Read more
Dropbike initiative pedals to a halt on Humber campus
By Raven Smith The Dropbike cycling pilot has left uncertainty with the College on its possible return since it launched last fall. “They haven’t been brought back this fall yet,” says Lindsay Walker, Manager for the Sustainability Office at Humber College. “It’s not because we don’t want them. It’s... Read more
Skedline Sports 106th Grey Cup Preview Special
Skedline reporter’s Giovanni Siciliano & Alex Figliomeni are here to bring you a preview special for the 106th Grey Cup in Edmonton on November 25. Read more
Where to Go for a Cup of Joe at Humber
 Let’s face it – we don’t have a lot of good, cheap options for coffee here on campus. Tim Hortons is tried and true but the lines are insanely long, and Starbucks gets expensive if you’re the type of person who needs a daily caffeine fix. So, where... Read more