Do “signal delays” drive you nuts???
By Ryan Hanna It’s an occurrence that happens regularly on Toronto’s subway lines — the dreaded “… is delayed due to signal issues” message over the PA system. “The TTC has been making major strides in replacing its ancient signalling system. But it is a large job and the... Read more
TTC increases fares: Transit riders not happy
By Ryan Hanna, for At a meeting on Thursday, the TTC board voted unanimously to approve a 10-cent fare increase. The price for cash fares will remain the same, but PRESTO fares will rise to $3.10 for adults, with student and senior monthly passes rising by $5.70 and... Read more
TTC passes two-hour transfer policy giving more leeway to students
The Toronto Transit Commission passed a significant policy today, allowing a two-hour transfer when using PRESTO. The policy passed 6-1 during today’s public transit meeting at City Hall with Councillor John Campbell being the only to vote against the proposal. The TTC estimates that the new policy will add... Read more
King Street hits a sweet spot in urban development: city planner
City councillors, planners, and engineers are working on a master plan to re-design King Street. King Street’s re-design puts transit first. “King Street is not working today. It’s that simple. It’s not working for cyclists, it’s not working for drivers, and it is certainly not working for transit. It’s... Read more
TTC CEO Andy Byford speaks of optimism and change for the next 5 years
After half a decade of growing pains, TTC CEO Andy Byford reflected on the last five years and what’s to come at the Toronto Region Board of Trade on Jan 7. In 2012, a newly-appointed Byford set out with the five-year vision to make the TTC “a transit system... Read more
Jan. 21 – TTC Board Meeting reporters Mehek Mazhar and Lauren Courtenay attend the monthly Toronto Transit Council meeting in which the new subway extension is discussed. Read more
John Tory’s budget proposes major transit overhaul
There may be some new changes to Toronto’s transit system in the coming months. Earlier this week, John Tory put forward his budget proposal to City Council which featured expansions to transit service. Last Monday, Tory and TTC Chair Josh Colle announced a $95 million investment that will aim... Read more
Streetcar blockade causes TTC delay
Humber students reject “ridiculous” TTC fare hike
As a commuter school, Humber College students will feel the brunt of TTC’s latest proposed fare hike – and they’re not happy about it. The fare hike was announced by John Tory and TTC Chair Josh Colle the day before city council’s first budget meeting under the new mayor. This... Read more

John Tory was elected as the new mayor of Toronto almost a month ago. Because of his victory, Tory’s ‘SmartTrack’ plan to build a new Regional Express Rail (RER) surface subway line is a go. Mayoral candidate, Ari Goldkind, shared his thoughts on the plan. While he supports SmartTrack and knows Tory has the experience to put it together, Goldkind has concerns of the plan’s costs and routing and says his transit plan, ‘More Than a Map’ is better for the city.

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