Liberal Caucus wants Raybould out following release of secretly recorded phone call
The SNC-Lavalin scandal continues to unfold this week following the release of a secretly recorded phone call between former Attorney General Jody Wilson Raybould and former Privy Council Clerk Michael Wernick. The phone call was given to the House of Commons Justice Committee on Mar. 29 and corroborates her... Read more – IGNITE’s 2019 Election ends with brief unveiling at Lakeshore
This year’s IGNITE’s student elections wrapped up with a press conference at Lakeshore campus, revealing its newly-elected members across Humber College. Skedline reporter Clement Goh speaks to new and familiar faces preparing to assume responsibilities next semester. Read more
IGNITE VP race leaves something to be desired. BUT VOTE!
By Justin Field The smell of popcorn – free popcorn, on the 2nd floor of the Humber Lakeshore L Building is the smell of another election, just about the only enticing part of the whole process. The IGNITE Elections are upon us once again, and with a voting deadline... Read more
(Audio) Two business students talk responsibilities, connecting with students in race for Vice Presidency at Lakeshore Ignite
Skedline Reporter Clement Goh speaks to Lakeshore’s two candidates running for Lakeshore Vice President in IGNITE’s 2019 Elections. Both share thoughts about their beginnings, plans and goals if they are elected by students on March 1. Read more
Holyday Legacy remains intact for Etobicoke Centre
By Brandon Tretter and Aaron Ranson for You could sense the uncertainty in the room as people started to file into the banquet hall at the Canadiana Restaurant. Workers at the restaurant were preparing the hall for the night. The tables were done-up nicely, with white tablecloths and... Read more
Premier crashes Michael Ford’s election party
By Michael Ranger and Anastasia Coulson-Gagnon for It was a big night for Ford Nation as Ontario Premier Doug Ford was on hand to congratulate his nephew Michael on his victory in Etobicoke-North. When speaking to his raucous supporters in a packed ballroom at the airport Holiday Inn... Read more
Tory supporters are ready for four more years
By: Sarah Larke, Katia Sist and Cassandra Turco Skedline reporter Sarah Larke speaking to Tory supporter Angela Bradley. Filmed by videographers Katia Sist and Cassandra Turco.   Read more
Party for John Tory Skedline reporter Alex Arsenych talked to event staff member Nicholas Renzetti about the preparations for John Tory’s reception party at the Sheraton Hotel. Entrance to John Tory’s reception at the Sheraton Hotel. (Cassandra Turco/ Read more
Toronto municipal election: polls closed
By: Sarah Larke, Katia Sist and Cassandra Turco Skedline reporter Sarah Larke after polls have closed and members of the public join Tory’s reception awaiting results. Filmed by videographers Katia Sist and Cassandra Turco. Read more
George Tory on municipal election results Skedline reporter Alex Arsenych talked with George Tory after his father John Tory was re-elected as Mayor of Toronto. George Tory. (File photo, courtesy of The Empire Club of Canada) Read more