John Tory election night: 7:00 p.m. update
By: Sarah Larke, Katia Sist and Cassandra Turco Skedline reporter Sarah Larke describes the mood as media teams set up for Tory on election night. Filmed by videographers Katia Sist and Cassandra Turco. Read more
Toronto Municipal Elections: Social Media Wrap-up
Social media was relatively quiet during the Toronto Municipal Elections. Just over 40 per cent of eligible voters made it to the polls this year, compared to around 60 per cent four years ago.   The polls are now closed in Toronto. Keep it here for live results and... Read more
Jennifer Keesmaat keeps optimism in Toronto’s future after a second-place election
By Clement Goh, Lucas Laporta, Alex Figliomeni Despite losing to incumbent Mayor John Tory in the 2018 Toronto Election, former candidate Jennifer Keesmaat reflects on her support and next steps at her event in Longboat Hall. Read more
Frances Nunziata wins a council seat in Ward 5
By Naila Tahir and Vanessa Gomez Frances Nunziata celebrates after being re-elected for Ward 5. Read more
John Tory is re-elected as Mayor of Toronto
By Cassandra Turco, Katia Sist and Sarah Larke John Tory has won the mayoral race of Toronto’s municipal election by a landslide. “Building on the foundations of the last four years, over the next four years my goal is to make sure no one, anywhere in our city,... Read more
York South–Weston chooses Frances Nunziata for councillor
By Skedline Reporters Naila Tahir and Vanessa Gomez Skedline.Com Frances Nunziata was elected councillor for Ward 5 (York South-Weston) with 32 per cent of the votes, besting her closest opponent, Frank Di Giorgio who collected 21 per cent of the vote. “I am very happy, I have supported Frances from... Read more
Ward 3 goes Grimes
By Justin Field and Liam Harrington  Incumbent Mark Grimes has won re-election and is the councillor of the new Ward 3. Grimes won with over 40 percent of the votes. His closest competitor, Amber Morley, had over 27 percent of the votes. Amber Morley, who talked about her... Read more
Stephen Holyday elected as Ward 2 Councillor
By Skedline Reporter Aaron Ranson Stephen Holyday has been elected as Ward 2 Councillor for Etobicoke- Centre. Skedline Reporter Aaron Ranson is reporting from Holyday’s Headquarters. Read more
Tory wins second mayoral term in a landslide vs. Keesmaat
By Alex Figliomeni The votes are in — John Tory won the 2018 Toronto mayoral election. When Jennifer Keesmaat arrived at her venue, she was greeted by a long round of applause. The atmosphere was loud and vibrant, as the crowd chanted Keesmaat’s name and thanked her for all her... Read more
John Tory Re-Elected: Live
Sarah Larke reports live reaction to John Tory’s re-election as Mayor of Toronto. Read more